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Yper Blend Mega Straightening Formol Free Progressive Brush 1L - Fio Perfeitto

Yper Progressive Blend Without Formaldehyde was specially designed to smooth the most resistant hair. Its formula is composed of Glyoxylic Acid that promotes the reduction and elimination of frizz.

Progressive Without Formaldehyde Yper Blend Mega Straightening is composed of a complex of 11 amino acids and hydrolyzed Keratin, thus providing a perfect straightening without causing burning and smoke.

Smooth and hydrated hair for much longer.

How to Use:
Wash hair with anti-residue shampoo and dry 100%.
Divide the hair into sections and apply the Yper Blend Mask Without Formaldehyde, from root to tip. Start the process starting at the back of the neck, always respecting the 0.5 cm distance from the scalp.
From a break of approximately 50 minutes (time may vary according to the degree of difficulty of the thread).
Remove 50% of the product with just water in the sink.
Blow dry with a brush and flat iron into thin strands until you see that the cuticles are sealed.

-01 Yper Blend 1L