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Wave Relaxer Home Care Maintenance Kit 3 Products - Ocean Hair

Post Chemistry Shampoo 300ml - Indicated for post-chemical hair maintenance. It forms a revitalizing foam for gentle and easy cleaning. Made with Cupuaçu, Cocoa and The pitcher of sand that were made a help: Bandeirinha, strength and brilliance absolute.

Power of Shock Conditioner 300ml - indicated for hair maintenance. It conditions the yarns providing clarity and emolliency, strength, strength and absolute brightness. Made with Cupuaçu, Cocoa, Ojon, provided lightness, silkiness and a three-dimensional brilliance.

Power of Shock Post Chemistry Mask 250g - A post-chemical reconstructive mask that restores a natural elasticity of hair leaving them soft, strong and silky. Its formula rich in vegetables, recovered the hair chemically damaged, bringing strength and strength to the threads. Protected and aligned as cuticles and enhances hair shine promoting effective and lasting hydration.