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Vitay Shampoo Coconut Oil 300ml

by Vitay

The Vitay Shampoo Coconut oil moisturizes deep and provides effective cleaning without damaging the wires. In addition to acting penetrating deep into the wires, it is great for bringing more hydration, protection and a glow that will make you more powerful and your hair radiant.Caracteristicsindicted for smooth hair, curly, dry, mixed, with chemistry and painted. , nourishes and gives brilliance. Coconut oil.
Coconut water is a wonder we all know. That the coconut pulp is delicious, it is also no secret to anyone. But in addition, coconut oil brings many
for hair and hair beauty. Its nutritious action is ideal for all types of hair
s. In addition to acting deep into the wires, coconut oil is great for bringing more softness, hydration, protection and a glow that will leave you powerful and your hair radiant as the most beautiful sunset. > Directions for use Filmography 1 - Put some Shampoo Vitay Novex Coconut Oil in the palm
hands and spread carefully moistened by wires
. 2 - Massage the leather hairy. Then take a little more than Shampoo to the length of the wires.

3 - Rinse.

4 - If necessary repeat the mode of use
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