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Vitay Shampoo Bamboo 300ml

by Vitay

developed in partnership with Instituto Embelleze, Embelleze Bamboo Bamboo's family of Bamboo products will leave your hair with that appearance that you love when you leave the beauty salon.Caracteristicsindicted for curly, dry, oily, mixed hair with chemistry and painted.OçãoVa, moisturizes, treats, nourishes and gives brilliance.Iturboto of bamboo.
strength and growth.Resultadocabelos treated, nourished and brightly. Wet hair, apply vitay novex sprout shampoo from

bamboo and massage gently. Rinse well. If necessary, repeat the process.Composition | Glycerin, lactic acid, polyquaternium-7, linalool, geraniol, dopropylene glycol, sodium benzoate, bambusa vulgaris extract, ci 19140, ci 42090, potassium sorbate, sodium sulfate. Shampooshampooshampoo for hair growth - hair Crespo, Discolored Hair, Oily Hair, Corrugated Hair, Curly Hair, Colorful Hair, Smooth Hair, Mixed Hair, Painted Hair, Platinated Hair, Red Hair, Dried Hair, With Lights, With Chemistry Capillary Hair Hair, Frizz, Hairdriver , Capillary nutrition, capillary transition