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Vegetable Cuticle Sealing Protein Moisturizing Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Acquaflora


Treatment kit for all hair types. Prepares for hydration, sealing the cuticles while cleaning, and rebuilds from the internal structure of the hair fiber. Acquaflora Selante Vegetal Kit also keeps the wires disciplined, free from the frizz that bothers so much.

In addition, the wires are soft, luminous and with light movement. Acquaflora Sealant Vegetal Kit closes the cuticles to eliminate the volume and cauterize the fiber of the threads. Your hair is deeply hydrated, clean and with sealed cuticles.


Acquaflora Vegetable Sealant - Pre-Shampoo 240ml: Pre-shampoo for all hair types. Deeply cleanses the hair, removing accumulations of other cosmetics or impurity residues, preparing the hair to receive deep hydration and sealing the cuticle without adding chemicals.

Acquaflora Vegetable Sealant - Shampoo 240ml: Shampoo for all hair types. It gently cleanses, adjusting the hair and restoring the ease of combing wet, mitigating the mechanical aggressions during the process and preparing the hair to receive deep hydration and sealing the cuticle without adding chemicals.

Acquaflora Vegetable Sealant - Fluid 60ml: Sealant fluid for all hair types. Moisturizes and seals the hair cuticles, reducing the volume and making them smoother without frizz.

How to Use:
- Apply the pre-shampoo to wet hair and massage gently until you get a creamy lather. Spread the foam along the entire length of the hair without rubbing one strand into the other. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the operation.

- Then apply the shampoo and use its conditioning foam to carefully untangle the strands with your fingers. Rinse.

- Remove excess water from the hair with the towel, never rubbing one strand on the other. Divide the hair into two or three sections (according to the amount and volume of the strands), and apply a small amount of the fluid. It is suggested to start with 05 sprays on the hands and apply on the first strand. Work from the bottom up, untangling it. Do the same for the other separate strands. Finish detangling and spread the fluid along the entire length of the strands with a wide-toothed comb. Do not rinse. Then, dry your hair with a hairdryer and finish with the iron if you want.

OBS 1: do not soak your hair with the product. If the strands are soaked, it means that the fluid has been applied in a larger amount than recommended and it will be necessary to remove some of the excess with water.

OBS 2: the Acquaflora Vegetable Sealant is not a product to straighten the threads, but a deep hydration of the hair fiber. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait any time to wash your hair after using it. It can be washed the next day.

OBS 3: it is recommended to use it every 15 or 30 days depending on the need for hydration of the wires.

-01 Vegetable Sealing Pre Shampoo 240ml
-01 Vegetable Sealing Shampoo 240ml
-01 Vegetable Sealing Fluid 60ml