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Hairdresser's Secret Paraben Free Instant Reconstructor Fluid 300ml - Trivitt


Formulated from natural assets, The Secret of the Hairdresser Itallian Hairtech instantly reconstructs the structure of fragile and damaged hair. Its formula rich in KAPs (Proteins Associated with Keratin) gives hair back mass, strength and alignment. Through a combination of amino acids of plant origin, its formula improves the fixation of amino acids to the capillary cortex.

What is KAP technology?
The hair fiber is basically made up of Keratin, and it has always been believed that the replacement of this protein would be sufficient to repair the damage caused by physical and chemical processes. However, over the years, studies have been deepened and found that the hair structure is much more complex: in addition to several types of keratin, there are other proteins associated with it, called KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins).

These proteins involve keratin and can be divided into 3 groups:
- Ultra High and High Sulfur KAPs: They have a very high number of sulfur amino acids. This sulfur binds to Keratin, greatly increasing hair resistance and the cohesion between proteins. The hair fiber becomes rigid and can break.

- Low Sulfur KAPs: They have a low number of sulfur amino acids. For this reason, they are not linked to Keratin. As they become loose, they become susceptible to damage. They are the first proteins to be attacked and removed during processes such as discoloration, coloring and straightening. Low Sulfur KAPs are responsible for promoting strength, flexibility and natural hair movement. The hair fiber does not acquire rigidity and, therefore, there is no risk of breakage.

How to Use:
With clean and damp hair, apply Trivitt The Hairdresser's Secret to the strands and massage from length to ends.
Let stand for 3 minutes. Without rinsing, apply the Trivitt Intensive Hydration Mask completely involving the hair, leaving it to act for another 5 minutes.
Rinse and finish as desired.

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