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Sunscreen Be(M)dita Beach Pre Post Sea Protection Cream 250g - Lola Cosmetics


Sunscreen for all hair types. Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Beach Protective Cream creates a barrier that protects the wires from the sun's rays.

Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Beach Protective Cream still has a detangling effect, which helps when combing. In addition, it has thermal protection so you don't get into trouble if you need to finish your hairstyle with heat and be able to parade with your mermaid hair.

How to Use:
Apply protective cream to hair before, during and after sun exposure. Put a generous amount on your hands and spread it on damp or dry hair. Use a comb for more even distribution. For better product effectiveness, don't forget to reapply every time you dive in the pool or on the beach.

-01 Lola Be(M)dita Beach Protective Cream 250g