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Professional Crhonus Capillary Schedule 4 Steps Treatment 4x500ml - Souple Liss


The Souple Liss Crhonus Professional Line, promotes the complete and effective treatment of fibers. Its action consists of a complete reconstruction acting internally and externally, from the medulla to the cuticles, moisturizing, nourishing, reconstructing and protecting the fibers, leaving them healthier and more vitaminized, returning shine, softness, silkiness and vitality from root to tip.

How to Use:
Apply to damp hair, from the length to the ends, massaging the strands gently. Leave on for 10 minutes for maximum hydration. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water to remove the product. Apply Souple Liss Crhonus Leave In Thermoactive and dry with the aid of a dryer

1 - Souple Liss Crhonus Hydrating Mask 500ml
1 - Souple Liss Crhonus Nutrition Mask 500ml
1 - Souple Liss Crhonus Reconstruction Mask 500ml
1 - Souple Liss Crhonus Thermoactive Leave In 500ml