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Socorro Pro Tonic Growth Strenghtening Hydration Treatment 65ml - Clorofitum


- Helps to grow strong and healthy hair
- Strengthens hair, preventing hair loss
- Controls oiliness
- Increases hydration
- Extends the anagen phase (hair growth phase)
- Visibly improves hair density
- strengthens the wires
- Increases the strength of collagen fibers
- Humects and stimulates epithelial metabolism
- It has no raw material of animal origin (vegan product)
- Not tested on animals
- Can be used on the scalp, beard, mustache and eyebrow

What is it for? Socorro Pro was developed with natural extracts and high-performance substances that, together, replenish vitamins, fix proteins and activate scalp circulation.
Indications for use: Hair with growth or fall difficulties and oily strands.

-01 Socorro Pro Tonic 65ml