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Shower SOS Pre/Pos Chemical Anti Breakage and Anti-Rubber 300ml - Zap Cosmetics


SOS was developed to help your hair from damage by chemical processes, which cause porosity, dryness, bad nutrition, breakage of the hair and rubber. Enriched with D-Pantenol, Argan Oil and Protein Blend, it deeply hydrates, nourishes and reconstructs the entire hair fiber, reducing the formation of split ends and frizz. Provides resistant hair, with intense and healthy shine, in addition to returning all vitality to the strands.

How to Use:

With the hair already clean and damp, apply a sufficient amount of SOS, gloving and massaging the hair from root to tip, let it act for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.


-01 Zap SOS Mask 300ml