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Anti Rubber Shampoo Capillary Regenerator Reconstruction 2x300ml - Magic Color


The Anti-fogging Reconstructive Shampoo was exclusively formulated to promote a smooth and reconstructive cleaning without damaging the hair. Nourishes and leaves hair looking healthy. Free Sulfate, Paraben and Petrolate. 

The exclusive Anti-fogging Hair Regenerator system has Keratin, Amino Acids and high performance actives that instantly treat the hair fiber. Keratin promotes exceptional sealing of the cuticles and provides a perfect internal reconstruction, involving the threads with a protective film, easing the aggression by chemical processes in general and recovering the hair fiber with an excellent plastic of the threads.

How to Use:
Wet your hair and apply STEP 1 - Magic Color Anti-Rubber Reconstructive Shampoo massaging them well until it forms foam. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat the operation for deeper cleaning. Then apply STEP 2 - Magic Color Hydrolyzed Anti-Rubber Keratin.
Still with Hydrolyzed Anti-fogging Keratin - STEP 2 - on the hair, apply STEP 3 - Anti-fogging Hair Regenerator in sufficient quantity to glove all the threads, from root to ends. Leave on the wires with a break time of 15 minutes without massaging. If you prefer, use a plastic or laminated cap to enhance the result. Then rinse and apply STEP 4 - Anti-fogging reconstructive mask.

-01 Magic Color Reconstruction Anti Rubber Shampoo 300ml
-01 Magic Color Reconstruction Anti Rubber Regenerator 300ml