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Repair Elixir Vegetable Oils Blend Nourishing Hair Treatment 60ml - Acquaflora


Powerful blend of aromatic and exotic essential oils, discovered 5,000 years ago and appreciated by Egyptian women for its nourishing and emollient properties.

Light and multifunctional, it provides softness when applied to damp hair. When used for thermal protection, it helps to increase the durability of the brush and promotes a disciplining effect when applied to dry hair. No-build hydration.

A legendary and precious combination that brings luxury and beauty to all hair types.

Calamus Oil: contains a high content of natural resins that help to model the hair and fight frizz, in addition to promoting the sealing of the wires, protecting them from external aggressions.

Myrrh Oil: rich in essential oils, minerals and resins, it has a highly regenerative action that helps to preserve the integrity of the hair fiber.

Cinnamon oil: its powerful properties are useful for toning the scalp and sanitizing the entire hair system.

Olive Oil: rich in emollient and nourishing agents that restore the natural flexibility of dry hair.

Argan Oil: It has a total hair regeneration action, bringing silkiness, softness, shine and manageability. It forms a protective film over the hair ensuring total hydration and extremely healthy looking hair.

For a better result, apply a small amount in the palm of your hands, rubbing them well. Spread over the entire length of clean, damp hair and proceed with a brush or let it dry naturally. To shine and finish the hairstyle, apply on dry hair.

-01 Repair Elixir 60ml