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Radiance Plus Discoloration Coloring OX Hydrogen Peroxide 40 Vol. 900ml - Soller

by Soller

The oxidizing emulsion Radiance Plus OX must be used in the preparation of hair dyes, in the amount indicated in the preparation of the product to be used. Its formulation contains Orchid Oil that protects the hair and allows a better lightening without damaging the hair fiber.

How to use:
Coloring - Mixing Ratio Preparation: Mix in a 1: 1.5 ratio, that is, 60g of coloring with 90 ml of Radiance Plus Oxygenated Water in the desired volume, Mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained. Apply with a brush to dry, unwashed hair.
Bleaching - In a non-metallic container, mix the Bleaching Powder in the proportion of: 1: 2 for Radiance Plus Oxygenated Water or up to 1: 3, depending on the chosen work, until obtaining a homogeneous and creamy consistency. Apply the mixture with a brush and appropriate gloves.

-01 Soller Radiance Plus Discoloration Coloring OX Hydrogen Peroxide 40 Volumes 900ml