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Progressive Brush Hair Anti Frizz Softness Brightness Realignment Mask 1L - iLike

by iLike

The ILike Progressiva Hair Realignment Mask is a treatment that promotes perfect hair straightening, volume reduction and complete frizz control, disciplining the hair while giving shine, intense softness, vitality and deep nutrition. With its exclusive formula and advanced technology, the ILike Progressiva Hair Realignment Mask has smart assets that promote the retexturization of the hair fiber through the alignment of the wires.

- Ideal for all hair types and compatible with all types of chemicals.
- Ideal for those who want perfectly straight hair, without frizz, realigned and with reduced capillary volume.

- Perfect Smooth Effect for up to 120 days.
- Eliminates 100% Frizz.
- Capillary Volume Reduction and Wire Alignment.
- Complete Nutrition of the Threads and Maximum Shine.
- Color preservation.

How to Use:
Apply the product along the entire length of the strands (to make application easier, divide the hair into four parts).
Starting at the back of the neck, apply the ILike Progressive Hair Realignment Mask along the entire length of the strands, strand by strand, with the help of a brush and a comb, always respecting 2 cm from the scalp.
Let the product act for 50 to 90 minutes and rinse the hair, removing 100% of the product.
Dry the wires completely with a dryer.
With dry hair, iron the locks 20 to 25 times at a temperature of 230 degrees and finish as desired.

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