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Professional Progressive Paradise Organic Blend Hair Mask Reduce 1L - Vick Angel

Paradise Mask Reduce Vick Angel is a volume-reducing mask that was specially developed with a moisturizing blend based on coconut, tannic acid and grape polyphenols, which promotes volume reduction, curl relaxation, repair and recovery of brittle wires, caused by the action of time and other chemical processes.

Vick Angel Paradise Progressive Brush Without Formaldehyde provides keratin replacement of hair, elimination of frizz, donates shine and softness. All this in just one step.

How to Use:
With clean, damp hair, divide it into four parts. Apply the Organic Brush without formaldehyde Vick Angel spreading over the entire length of the hair. Let it act for 40 minutes and dry using a good brush, complete the alignment with a plank. 
Finish as you wish.

01 - Vick Angel Organic Progressive Brush Paradise 1L