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Professional Nanoprotein Vip Effect Gold Moisturizing Mask 1Kg - Pro Hairmony


Designed with the latest technology, it moisturizes the deep, and instantly the yarn. The Super moisturising treatment, and recovery of the hair fiber. It corrects damage, and removes the need for protein. It has special active that is formed in a film condition and protect your hair from the sun's rays, providing longer life of the color in the hair, the colourful and the colourless. Its special formulation has a particle of gold, to be active, that give a high gloss, smoothness, and luster to all hair types.

How to Use:
Apply it on your welt hair. Leave for 10 minutes or more and then rinse. Comb your hair using a comb and a hair straightener, such a way will enhance the effectiveness of the repairing in the product or use it as you wish.

-01 Pro Hairmony Gold Mask 1Kg