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Argan Oil Thermal Protector Controltox Shock3 Protector Balm 1L - NutraHair


Controltox is a capillary botox that replenishes nutrients and makes hair soft, shiny and healthy, in addition to gradually reducing volume. It is possible to obtain a 40 to 80% reduction, depending on the time of action and technique used.

The Controltox Balm Protector has active film forming agents to protect the integrity of the capillary fiber during thermal and mechanical stress, caused by the most diverse capillary procedures, such as progressive, planks and brushes.

How to Use:
Apply Balm Protector Controltox to wet hair. Distribute the product strand by strand with the help of a fine comb according to the following measures: 20 to 30g for short hair; 30 to 40g for medium hair and 40 to 50g for long hair. Dry the hair and plank in thin strands, 8 to 15 times, according to the thickness and shape of the strands. Board temperature: 230 degrees.

-01 NutraHair Controltox Shock3 Protector Balm 1L