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Brazilian Professional Keratin Hair Treatment Argan Vital Oil 140ml - Probelle


With extremely high antioxidant action, Probelle Argan Oil Vital Oil promotes hair rejuvenation and replacement of essential elements. Reinforces natural defenses with anti-free radical action, nourishes in an advanced stage and regenerates fiber damage, restoring elasticity and vitality. Treats scalp dysfunctions, restores silkiness and exceptional shine. Argan Vital Oil increases the fiber's life and reconstructs cellular cement, lost by the most diverse mechanical actions (flat iron and brushing). It has anti free radical action. Does not leave the wires looking heavy.

How to Use:
Pre Shampoo: Before washing, apply a few drops on the palm and massage in the hair to improve penetration. Leave for 10 minutes. Proceed with washing as usual.
Post Shampoo: After washing with shampoo, dry 80% and apply the oil along the threads, replacing the conditioner and leave-in.

-01 Probelle Argan Vital Oil 140ml