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Professional Keratin Mini Btox African Thermal Hair Realignment 150g - Probelle

thermal alignment for voluminous frizzy hair with frizz developed with sophisticated formulation and with a very high performance effect promotes intense hair treatment, developing shine and silkiness.

Its formula enriched in argan oil, castor oil, sodium hyaluronic in synergy with blends rebuilds the hair during the process of volume reduction guaranteed prolonged vitality.

How to Use:
- Wash with an anti-residue shampoo (pH 7 to 8);
- Apply the product leaving it to act for approximately 40 minutes;
- After the pause time, rinse the hair removing 80% of the product;
- Then dry, apply a leave in with thermal protection (we recommend the leave in of the Lumino Max Line) and brush and plank in thin strands.

-01 Probelle Mini Bt-o.x African Thermal Hair Realignment 150g