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Professional Hair Coloration Gray Tint Anti Yellow Super Force 250ml - Probelle


The Gray Tinting has a very high performance to leave the hair with a luxurious and sophisticated gray tone. Intensifies and revitalizes gray hair color. If the strands are discolored to a white tone, the gray effect is achieved immediately.

Therefore, used after at least two discolorations, the action is ultra-fast. Greater penetration into the fiber with long-lasting effect. Brightness, silkiness and touch, with unmatched texture. Surprising vitality elasticity and anti free radical action.

How to Use:
Wash hair before application. Apply the mask on washed and damp hair. Leave 3 to 10 minutes watching the hair until you obtain the desired shade. Then remove all the product.

-01 Probelle Gray Toning Super Force 250ml