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Professional Hair Coloration Red Tinting 3D Effect Cream Mask 250g - Probelle


The Red Toning Mask Probelle has been specially developed to enhance the red color of red hair or red highlights. Besides eliminating the oxidation of red color and enhance the hair, restores depth amino acids and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes. Its sophisticated formula with raw materials of low molecular weight enables greater penetration into the fiber revealing shine, softness, and red with long strands and unmatched texture effect.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with shampoo and damp hair, apply the Red Toning Mask wick to wick starting at the ends, gently massaging the strands until they reach the root.
Let it act for 10 to 20 minutes, without heat source. Rinse well, use once a week.
Tip: Apply with glove, so as not to stain your hands.

-01 Probelle Red Toning Mask 250g