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Sensitized Hair Force Ultra Reconstructive Nutritious Mask 250g - Probelle

The Force Ultra Probelle Densifying Mask was specially developed for the recovery, treatment and nutrition of dry and damaged hair.

Strengthens natural protein keeping them soft and natural, protecting them from damage caused by external agents. It has agents that provide satin shine, resistance, thermoprotection and anti-static action, maximum volume control and intense shine. Your hair comes to life and movement. High-performance textured formula that smooths out dry ends.

The Force Ultra Probelle Densifying Mask reveals the intensity of the color and the very sophisticated three-dimensional shine through the reflection of the alpha and beta particles of light with lightness and smoothness.

Intra-cellular benefits of the Force Ultra Probelle line:
- Detoxifies the hair bulb;
- Strengthens natural defenses;
- Restores the structure of the capillary mass.

How to Use:
Apply 1 to 2 portions of the Force Ultra Densifying Mask on washed and damp hair, massage carefully.
Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
Rinse off excess product.

-01 Probelle orce Ultra Reconstructive Nutritious Mask 250g