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Termoactivated Treatment Protector Multi-Use Sealing Finisher 120ml - Probelle


The Probelle Multipurpose Thermoprotector 120ml has extremely high disciplining power. Provides sealing, shielding, cauterization and encapsulation of the cuticles. Ideal for daily use. deeply nourishes hair with special nutrition needs. Specially developed for oily hair at the root and dry at the ends, in addition to avoiding the appearance of split ends and capillary degeneration by chemical processes.

Specially formulated to protect the fiber from the high temperatures of the straightener and the mechanical action of brushing. Thermoactivated. Developed with third generation raw materials. Creates a film that prevents moisture from entering and leaving.

How to Use:
Spray the entire length of the hair before, during and after the straightener or on a daily basis.

-01 Term Protector Multi-Use Sealing Finisher 120ml