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Pro Repair Tahiti Monoi Oil Hair Treatment Kit (3 products) - NutraHair


Tahiti's Monoi Volume Reducer features advanced technology for volume and frizz reduction. The Tahiti Monoi is obtained through the enfleurage of the petals of the Tiaré Flower in Coconut Oil. This emollient contains fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that deeply moisturize the hair, giving reparative nutrition, a disciplining effect and intense shine to the hair

Tahiti Deep Cold Monoi Shampoo provides deep, refreshing cleansing for yarn and scalp. Its dense and creamy foam facilitates handling of the threads during washing and prevents them from becoming extremely rough after rinsing. The Tahiti Monoi intensely moisturizes the hair, giving reparative nourishment and intense glow to the hair.

Tahiti Monoi Finishing Fluid has sericin nanoparticles to seal the cuticles and correct the imperfections of the hair fiber. 

How to use:
-Wash your hair with deep cold shampoo then remove water excess with the help of a towel.
-Divide the hair into four equal parts and apply the Tahiti Monoi volume reducer, pause for 30 minutes.
-Dry the hair.
-Apply the Monoi Fluid throughout the hair then plank fine strands on average 10 times. 

-Tahiti 1L Monoi Reducer
-Deep Cold Monoi Tahiti Shampoo 1L
-Tahiti Monoi Finishing Fluid 500ml