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Pro Repair Shock3 Nano Reduction Nourishing Sealing Shielding 1L - NutraHair

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Shock3 Nano Reduct Shielding is a nutritious sealing based on Nano.Sericin and Argan Oil, which promotes the alignment of the threads, leaving them disciplined and healthy. The technology present in its composition allows up to 100% reduction in volume, while reconstructing the hair fiber, providing natural effect and balance.

It is formed by the association of extralubricating emollients and sericin nanoparticles. Together, these assets promote sealing of cuticles, nutrition, volume reduction and correction of imperfections in the hair fiber. 

How to Use:
Step 1: Wash the cable with ultra gloss shampoo, repeat the process.
Step 2: Remove excess water, divide the hair into quadrants and with the help of a brush apply the nano-reducing shield starting at the nape, then pause for 40 minutes.
Step 3: After the break, rinse thoroughly, brush your hair and plank an average of 6 times thin strands.
Step 4: Finish as you wish.

-01 NutraHair Shock3 Nano Reduct Shielding 1L