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Piscina Pool Sun Sea Protection Treatment Coconut Water Mask 250g - Acquaflora


The Acquaflora Sol Mar Piscina mask moisturizes, recovers and deeply nourishes hair exposed to the action of the sun, sea water or chlorine, protecting it against its harmful effects.

Its formula contains:
Coconut Water: contains mineral salts that, combined with thermo-active silicones, promote conditioning action, protecting the hair against aggression caused by the sun or thermal treatments, in addition to helping to remove the residues accumulated in the wires.

For salon results in your shower, after washing your hair with Acquaflora Sol Mar Piscina Shampoo, apply the mask to damp hair. Massage strand by strand, covering the entire length of the strands, avoiding contact with the root. Pause while you shower. Rinse well. The mask has instant action, with no need for a break time of more than 5 minutes or thermal caps. Hydration should be done once a week.

-01 Piscina Coconut Water Mask 250g