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Nori Extract Vegetable Complex Osmium Curls Gloss Modeling 500ml - NutraHair


The Curls Modeling Gloss forms a flexible film on the strands, reducing the volume and defining the waves and curls of natural or chemically processed hair.

Line developed exclusively for the treatment and daily maintenance of curly or curly hair, natural or chemically processed.

With gradual release technology, the Vegetable Complex of the Curls line allows prolonged treatment for perfect curls throughout the day. Its composition rich in amino acids, proteins and polysaccharides, recovers the strength, the vitality of the strands, reduces the undesirable frizz, offers lipid replacement and hydration to enhance the waves and curls of the hair.

-01 NutraHair Osmium Curls Gloss Hair Shaper 500ml