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Brazilian Organic Express Luna Matrix System Progressive by Ginnochio 1L - Zoe'z

by Zoe'z

Organic Express, is a thermoactive slurry;
it means that it will be activated with heat, it will depend a lot on post process care; likewise, it should be noted that within its characteristics a final lacing will be obtained after the third application.

How to Use:

1.- Wash hair with anti residue shampoo 2 times, moist hair,  remove excess water with a towel.
2.- Apply Organic Express in thin wicks, approximately one centimeter and a half centimeter from the root (Scalp), to the
tips in a homogeneous way with the help of a fine comb.
3.- Let Organic Express act between 50 or 60 minutes of exposure, according to capillary strand.
4.- Rinse with water remove excess product approximately 60%.
5.- Dry the hair 100%; pre-aligning them with the help of a hairdryer and a racquet-type comb, (no brushing is necessary).
6.- Finish the process with ironing 15 times (thin wicks).

Second Proceed. (option)
1- Without washing the hair, apply the product strand by strand and let it act for 50 to 60 minutes according to hair type.
2- Remove excess product with 60% water, DO NOT remove all product,
3- Completely dry with dryer (complete).

4- Finish the process with ironing 15 times “thin wicks”

Ironing temperatures:
* 450ºF = 232ºC, resistant hair.
* 410ºF = 210ºC, dyed or sensitive hair.
* 375ºF = 190ºC, Sensitive or processed hair by chemical or mechanical action.
Less than 375ºF = 190ºC will not have a satisfactory result due to temperature deficiency. In case of oxidation, a color bath can be made and after two days (48 hours), complete dyeing.


-01 Brazilian Original Zoe'z Organic Express Progressive 1L