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Organic Deep Hair Mask Deep Hair Mask Hair Plastic Straightening Reducer Mask 1Kg - Royal Professional

Deep Hair Mask Hair Plastic Organic eliminates frizz and strengthens the hair. It treats by replenishing all the nutrients that the hair needs, and by replacing amino acids and lipids, it restores the hair's natural water, leaving it extremely hydrated and without volume.

- Seals the cuticles;
- Anti Frizz Effect;
- Shine and strengthening of wires.

Usage suggestion:
1 – After washing your hair, apply a sufficient amount of Deep Hair Mask ;
2 - Let it act for 20 to 30 minutes with a thermal cap;
3 – With the product in the hair, brush the strands and plank strand by strand 10 to 15 times;
4 - Rinse normally, finish as you prefer.

What are you buying!
01 - Deep Hair Mask Plastic Dos Fios Organic Royal Professional - 1000g.

*Not tested on animals;