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Oleo Serum Siliconized Caviar De Tips Fashion - Fashion

by Fashion
Syrum Siliconized Caviar Fashion Cosmetics Repairer of Tips

Through the nutritional wealth of the serum, the tipped repairman is suitable for hair suffering from combing the wires excessively, chemical, climate aggressions, dryer, sheet and hair that, by nature, are fragile and dry.
The siliconized Sérum Caviar Fashion provides silky, brightness and softness to the wires while repairing the damaged tips. The asset Caviar extract has antioxidant action and the silicones present form a film on the wire that protects it from the external and heat aggressions of the dryers and chapters.
How to Use Sérum Siliconized Caviar Repairing Tips Revitalizer Fashion Cosmetics?
Suggestion of use:
To turbine the mask: Put a little of the sérum caviar mixed to the cosmetic and apply after the shampoo and before the conditioner. It works like "transport" for nutrients reached the inside of the capillary fiber, enhancing the effect of the mask.
To protect and moisturize as leaves-in: some sprayed (two for short hair and up to five to the long) can be applied in the wires before drying completely.
To control the frizz and give shine: used in length and tips when hair is dry take the shiver and seal the double tips.
For a shock treatment: apply the oil into the dry wires, massaging wick by wick, let it act for ten minutes and rinse. Then wash.
Never use the oils with heat source !!!
No oil should be applied prior to thermal devices such as dryer and chap. The reason? Fries the hair, literally.
Included items in the packaging:
Contains 1 unit in total
* 1 Sérum Unit Siliconized Caviar Repairman Regenerator Fashion
Bottles: 60ml