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Novex Hair Oil Coconut Oil 100ml

by Novex

The Novex coconut oil was specially made to let you powerful to shine. 100% Vegetable This multifunctional oil can be used in different ways for you to raze and bring much more moisturizing, revitalization, nutrition and brightness for your hairs.Caracteristicsindicate for all kinds of hair
s.çãohydrata, revitalizes, nourish and gives brightness 100% vegetable pure coconut oil. BR> Mode of Use
3 different modes for you to raze:

1 - Umlet - with dry hair, apply wick to wire throughout the stretch of wires and scalp. Massage. Leave at least 1 hour and wash.

2 - Potientizing the cream - Mix a few drops with the treatment cream that will apply. Apply Mecha the wick in the hair washed and allow to act the time indicated in the cream. Rinse and finalize.

3 - Natural Antifrizz - Put a few drops in hand. Scrub and pass on the tips and frizz of the wires. > Crespo hair, curled hair, wavy hair, curly hair, colorful hair, colorful hair, smooth hair, mixed hair, painted hair, platinum hair, red hair, dry hair, lights, with chemistry Capillary hooding capillarry Detox capillary, frizz, hair hydration, hair nutrition, double tips, capillary transition videos