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Natublond Nuanced Calendula Home Care Maintenance 2x300 - Naturale

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Natublond Home Care Kit  is a treatment indicated for blond hair with lights or wicks, does not have salt in its composition making the treatments last much longer in the yarn, including smoothing. Conditions and unties the yarn while providing intense hydration, combating dryness. It preserves the color of the hair and improves the elasticity of the hair, reducing the aggression of the chemical treatments.

It has in its formulation the Marigold extract which is a natural component with several benefits for hair, reduces hair oiliness, helps hair growth, provides intense brightness and a lot of silkiness to the blond wires.

Natublond shampoo for blond hair with lights or wicks, cleans and disentangles without harming the wires preserving the corloration.

Natublond Conditioner for blond hair with lights or wicks, conditions the wires deeply moisturizing, aids in growth due to the component extract of marigold.

Indication: Blonde hair with lights or wicks

How to use:
Shampoo - Apply enough to wet hair, gently massaging the scalp. Rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the operation. 
Conditioner -  After washing the hair with shampoo, spread enough conditioner in the lengths and ends. Let stand for 3 minutes. Rinse.

-1 Natublond Maintenance Shampoo  - 300g
-1 Natublond Maintenance Conditioner - 300g