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Nanovin A Ricino Castor Oil Hair Growth Natural Blend Treatment 60ml - Nanovin

by Nanovin

Aids in growth, combating hair loss and promotes hydration of the wires, leaving them soft and radiant. It provides hydration, leaving the hair shiny and silky, so it is often used to dry hair and split ends. Helps in the treatment of diseases such as dermatitis. Is also  well known for its properties as a natural laxative, however, this oil also has other interesting uses.

Castor oil is also used to reduce pain, stimulate the immune system, relieve sores on the skin, acts as a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and fungicide. Today is widely used in industry, textile and Russia area to lubricate equipment in weather as cold as it has a consistent and does not freeze viscosity.

-01 Nanovin Ricino Castor Oil Hair Growth Treatment 60ml