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Nano Repair Post Progressive Nano Crystallization Hair Spray 120ml - Acquaflora


product of innovative treatment that provides the revitalization of straightening and progressives, crystallizing the wires. Enhances the temporary alignment of the cuticle.

The Nano Repair Fluid must be used only once a week and its application must be followed by the use of a dryer and plate for an effective crystallization.

Its formula contains:

Exclusive Hair Nanocrystallization Complex: with high penetration power, it repairs hair damaged by straightening and progressive hair, strengthening the hair and providing a longer lasting smooth effect.

How to Use:
For a better result, after washing the hair with the Acquaflora Post Progressive Shampoo and using the Acquaflora Post Progressive Conditioner, apply the Acquaflora Post Progressive Nano Repair Fluid over the entire length of the still damp strands. We indicate the amount equivalent to the size of a walnut for medium-length hair and a little more for long hair.

-01 Nano Repair Post Progressive Spray 120ml