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Salon Line My Smooth Too + Longer Vegan Biotin Creatine Castor Oil Kit 3 Prod.

Ideal for you smooth natural, smoothed or relaxed this line is for those who seek hydration, vitality, revitalization, health and total resistance, keeping your hair much stronger than ever! Too much, right?

The Shampoo My Smooth Too + Stronger, makes that super hydrant cleaning, while the conditioner, provides softness and seals the cuticles. The hydration mask, on the other hand, treats the damaged fiber leaving it much more resistant and healthy.

That's because, its vegan formula contains: Biotin, Creatine and Castor Oil, for a powerful action from the first use.

Strength, hydration, vitality, revitalization and health to the hair.

How to Use:
Apply the Strong Shampoo on wet hair massaging gently. Rinse well. After washing your hair with Shampoo, apply Strong Conditioner to the length and ends of the strands. Rinse.

Vegan: yes
Released: no
Age: from 12 years
Curvature: 1ABC
Hair type: for fragile and damaged hair.

-01 Shampoo My Smooth Too + Longer Salon Line 300ml
-01 Conditioner My Smooth Too + Longer Salon Line 300ml
-01 Hydrating Mask My Smooth Too + Longer Salon Line 300g