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Morte Subita Mask 930g - Lola Cosmetics

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Lola Morte Subita Mask moisturizing mask for damaged and chemically treated hair. Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Mask restores the natural moisture of the threads so they are easy to comb, shiny and soft.
Rich in restorative ingredients, Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Mask is indicated to replenish all lost nutrients soon after chemical processes such as smoothing and discoloration. In this way, the hair is deeply treated, unkempt and soft.

Action compounds:
Creatine: conditions wires and facilitates combing Lipids: helps restore moisture, strengthens and softens wires Panthenol: balances and retains moisture in capillary fiber Phytantriol: protects against heat and prevents frizz formation.

How to use:
After washing the hair with the line shampoo, distribute the moisturizing mask over the entire length of the threads and pause for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


-1x Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Mask 930g