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"Sudden Death" Morte Subita Hydrating Treatment Kit 5 Products - Lola Cosmetics

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The Lola Complete Sudden Death Treatment Kit is a treatment for life-thirsty hair. Also excellent for use after coloring or other chemical processes. This supersaturated formula of active ingredients restores the hair's natural moisture barrier to give it smoothness, strength and detangling.
How to Use:
Shampoo - Apply to wet hair, gently massaging from scalp to ends. Rinse and if necessary repeat the procedure.
Conditioner - Wash your hair with Sudden Death Moisturizing Shampoo, then apply Sudden Death Conditioner from root to tip. Let it act for a moment and then rinse.
Mask - After the Shampoo or after performing any staining or chemical procedure, apply the Sudden Death mask, fill lock by lock and wait at least 10 minutes, Rinse and finish. 
Solid Shampoo - Apply a generous amount of Sudden Death Solid Shampoo to wet hair and massage the hair in a circular motion until abundant foam is formed.
Rinse well and apply Sudden Death Mask to the length and ends. It can be used before deep weekly treatments or after staining.
Repair Total - After shampooing the strands, wipe off excess water with a towel and spray the restorative spray over the full length of the strands, especially at the ends. Distribute the product with the help of a comb. Then dry the hair with the aid of the dryer and the brush. Pass the board in wide strands 2 to 3 times to seal the cuticles. Finish as you wish.

-01 Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Shampoo 230ml
-01 Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Conditioner 230ml
-01 Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Moisturizing Mask 450g
-01 Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Solid Shampoo 250g
-01 Lola Cosmetics Morte Subita Repair Total 400ml