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Moisturizing Powder Varnish Bath Kit Shampoo and Mask 500g - FioPerfeitto


Varnish Bath Kit was elaborated with an innovative technology in the market of cosmetics, providing maximum brightness. It has hydrating complex of vegetable oils and amino acids, together has a restorative function, thus eliminating all the porosity of the hair fiber, giving softness and shine the hair. Varnish Bath Perfeitto Wire provides a cauterization in the wires, recovering all the hair fiber and giving life to hair color with a wonderful shine.

How to use:
 After washing the hair with the Varnish Bath Shampoo, apply the Perfect Cleansing Mask with wet hair. Use a comb to spread the product evenly.
Leave on for 10 minutes. If you prefer to use thermal cap.
Then rinse and finish as desired.
Tip: Use brush and plank to enhance the effect of the Perfect Wire Varnish Bath.

-Varnish Bath Shampoo 300ml
-Varnish Bath Mask 500g