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Miracle Platinum Hair Color Maintenance Restore Treatment Kit 2 Itens - Clorofitum


The Miracle Platinum Clorofitum 1L Correcting Shampoo acts to clean all the hair, neutralize dirt, open the hair cuticles to perform a deep cleaning to the point of preparing the hair for the Miracle Platinum Clorofitum Mask.

Miracle Platinum Restorative Corrective Mask - 500g, is a moisturizing mask for exclusive use for already blonde hair, which corrects and transforms the yellowish and orange tones of blonde hair, with blonde streaks or even gray hair, Provides an immediate platinum effect through the action of neutralizing substances . Its formula counts with Phytoactive medicines from Patagonia and L-Argenina PCA. It also has a broad spectrum anti-aging, antioxidant and protective action resulting in a dazzling 3D-effect glow.

Professional and Home Use

Recommended use 1x to 2x a week, for those who want to have the platinum effect.
Yield up to 30 uses, depending on use.

-01 - 1 Miracle Platinum Chlorofitum Shampoo 1L
- 1 Mask Miracle Platinum Chlorofitum - 500g