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Manga Duetto Professional 500gmascara - Duetto

by Duetto
Mascara Duetto Professional Mango Sealant 500g

For all kinds of dry or dry hair.
Recovers the hair mistreated by the highly moisturizing and moisturizing action of the sleeve butter.
It promotes a strengthening in the internal structure of the yarn, reducing the volume of the hair leaving them soft and with natural shine.

Wash the hair with the hygienic shampoo Citrus duetto, rinse and repeat the operation if necessary. Remove the excess of the water with a towel, pass the hyper gloss sealant Manga Duetto Mecha by wick of the root the tips, letting take from 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse. Apply a small amount of the Hyper Gloss Sealant Manga Duetto Professional in all hair and Nalize with brush and plank (board). Do not wash your hair for 3 days. Her hair will have more brightness, softness and silky.

Warranty against manufacturing defects