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Hair Discoloration New Blonde Blue Bleaching Powder Dust Free 400g - ProSalon

The bleaching powder Blue New Blond Let Me Be shows excellent results in bleaching techniques, such as total bleaching, highlights, reflections, ballayages and hair highlights in a practical and quick way.

It forms a protective film around the wires through the Rice Protein, leaving the hair easy to comb, soft and shiny.

Its blue color helps to neutralize the yellowish effects of the hair.

Formula with Dust-Free, does not raise dust and is gently scented.

- Blue bleaching powder
- Opens up to 9 tones
- With Plex in the formulation.
- Fast and effective
- Easily disperses in hydrogen peroxide

How to Use:
Choose the volume of hydrogen peroxide according to the degree of lightening desired. The higher the volume, the greater the degree of lightening.

Place a measure of Bleach in a plastic container (never metallic). Add 1 to 2 measures of creamy hydrogen peroxide mixing with the aid of a plastic brush until you get the consistency suitable for the discoloration technique that will be developed.

The application is done on unwashed hair, but it can be damp depending on the technique. Apply the product with the brush over the entire length of the wire, strand by strand, making sure that all strands are well embedded in the product.

Leave to act for 30 to 50 minutes depending on the condition of the wire and the type of whitening desired. Rinse well. Wash and condition afterwards.

-01 ProSalon Let Me Be Bleaching Powder 9 Tones 400g