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Salvatore Gold Xpress Shampoo & Restructuring Ampoule Tutto In One Power Dose 12x20ml

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Gold Xpress Shampoo balances the physiological pH of the fiber allowing a pH that is alkaline or very acidic to return to its stability. Its assets and results enable Gold Xpress to be used before and after any chemistry.

Its main advantages are:

• Stabilization of post-smoothing pH or various chemical processes;
• Returns the perfect organization of the chains;
• Protects the physiological structure of the fiber.

How to use:

With wet hair apply evenly the Gold Xpress Shampoo to the hair massaging gently. Distribute the product from the root to the tips without rubbing the hair fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water by completely removing the product.


Light Ampoule Tutto in uno Power Dose Salvatore Cosmetics was formulated seeking the versatility and agility on the service the day room, promotes immediate effect and instant recovery of all the fiber layers in just one application. Contains nano active treatment that penetrates the fiber easily allowing greater absorption of active regeneration, moisturizing, restructuring and protection. Tutto in uno, all your hair needs in one product. Hair regenerated from root to tip in just one application.

How to use:
Finish the washing process with a Shampoo Preparatory Salvatore Professional, remove excess water and apply  Tutto in One strand by strand with the help of a medium comb to distribute evenly. Let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold or warm water completely pulling out the product. Finish with a brushing to optimize treatment. For maintenance treatment, repeat the process every two weeks.
Tip: Do not use flat iron in damaged hair.

- Intense Hydration
- Fiber Resistance
- Amino acid replacement
- Anti break
- Saddle split ends
- potentiator
- Protective Film
- Instant recovery
- Ease and application agility
- Reflects Bright intense
- Creates a biological protective film

- Treatment for repair and cuticular sealing
- Immediate Reconstruction
- Amino acid replacement
- Deep Hydration
- Leverages the action of other treatment masks
- Finalization for chemical processes
- Fluid replacement



1 - Gold Xpress Preparatory Shampoo 300ml
12x20ml Salvatore Restructuring Ampoule Tutto In One Power Dose