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Salvatore Kit Oka Americanoil 2 Products

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Salvatore Oka Americanoil promotes an intensive moisturizing treatment, restoring softness to damaged hair and went through chemical processes (smoothing, relaxing or coloring). Besides that, deeply nourishes the wires preventing color fading against external actions such as the sun and the natural drying of hair. Indicated  for all hair types.

Its special formula with physiological pH and Ojon oil intensely moisturizes the hair, clean wireless assaulting and without opening the cuticles. It also has vitamins A and E and antioxidants that deeply nourish all the wire layers resulting in soft and shiny hair.

How to use:

With wet hair evenly distribute Salvatore Oka Americanoil Shampoo for all wires gently massaging the hair without bending or twisting the wires and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process once more. After shampooing apply the Salvatore Oka Americanoil Mask.


-1 Salvatore Oka Americanoil Shampoo 300ml

-1 Salvatore Oka Americanoil mask 250ml