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Cris Dios Organics Male Cris Kit (3 Products)

Male Cris Kit (3 products) Male beauty kit. Kit Cris dies male clean and models the hair and leaves your beard nourished and well cared for.
Male Cris kit takes care of the beard and hair leaving them perfectly.

Cris Dios Organics Sham Men - Shampoo 250ml: Clean, strengthens the wires and promotes comfort of comfort.
Cris Dios Organics Wax Works - Capillary Capillary Wax 50g: Models and textures the hair without regret while saddle the cuticles.
Cris Dios Organics - Post-Beard Oil 30ml: Hydrates, softens the wires and restores the wires while leaving a pleasant aroma.