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Kit Capilar - Flesh Liss

Capillary Chronogram Kit Flesh Liss

Three items:
* 1kg hydration mask;
* 1kg nutrition mask;
* 1kg restore mask

*** Full treatment at home ***

Moisturizing Mask - Mode to Use:
Wash your hair well with anti-residue shampoo, apply the mask massage well all the hair respecting the root to act for 20 minutes, rinse well finish with fraying and brush, or in curly hair concluded with cream curl cream.

Reconstruction mask - MODE to use:
Wash your hair well with anti-resident shampoo, apply restoration, massage well all length, let you act for 20 minutes, rinse well and finish with leavin, brushing and plank or modeling with curl modeler for those who have curly hair.

Nutrition Mask - MODE TO USE:
Wash your hair with anti-resident shampoo three times, apply the nutrition massage well every wick from top to bottom let you act 20 minutes, rinse well applying a fraying, dry and plank. In the case of curly hair, apply a curl modeler and model well.

*** 7-day seller warranty ***