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C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Duo Kit (2 Products)

Kit C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Duo (2 products) Dried hair, rebellious and frizz hair treatment kit. Clean, conditions and disagree, promoting a lasting plain effect. C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Duo Kit has conditioning assets that control the volume, in addition to aligning and sealing the cuticles. Thus, the undesirable Frizz is combated.
C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Duo Kit resets and maintains nutrition and moisturizing fibers, ensuring incredible brightness and strength. And more: this set returns the natural aspect to your wires! Your hair clean, conditioned and easy to comb, with lasting plain and intense glow.
Contemc.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect - Shampoo 315ml: Clean, while reducing volume, doma and controls wires. It provides a super lasting smooth effect, in addition to maintaining nutrition and discipline, while repairing the most damaged areas of capillary fibers.
C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect - Conditioner 315ml: Conditions and disagreeing, while its powerful formula promotes a lasting plain effect. Its conditioning assets control the volume while aligning and sealing the cuticles, ending with Frizz.