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Salvatore Kit Bioplants 2x300ml

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The Bioplants kit has a natural extracts compound that promote the vasodilation of the capillary bulbs promoting the cellular renewal of the dermis that stimulate the health of the scalp helping in the growth of new yarns. The compound provides energetic substrates providing cell activation, oil control, dandruff control, seborrhea and treating wounds caused by excess sebaceous production or allergies of the scalp.
The Bioplants is a treatment for wires and also for the dermis and over-feel like seborrhea and excess oiliness. Treatment with Bioplants softens and relieves itches caused by allergies or psoriasis and treats the bad smell caused by fungi. In cases where there is excess oil, the use of Bioplants acts to balance the production of the sebaceous glands, leaving the hair clean longer. In cases of mega hair or dreads the product reduces the proliferation of fungus that causes bad smell. When psoriasis, allergies or fall is indicated the continuous use of the product.


1. In hair with excess oil avoid the use of treatment masks at the root of the wires.
2. Do not twist the cord by removing excess water as it may damage the hair fibers. Dry the hair with the care and care that the hair deserves.

How to use:

1) With wet hair apply evenly the Bioplants Shampoo on the hair massaging gently. Distribute the product from the root to the tips without rubbing the hair fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water by completely removing the product. Repeat for 3 minutes. After cleaning remove excess water and apply the Bioplants Salvatore Therapeutic Mask.

2) Finished the cleaning process with the Bioplants Salvatore Anti-Shampoo Shampoo remove excess water and apply the Professional Bioplants Mask to the wick from the middle to the tips. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water by completely removing the product.


1 - Bioplants Shampoo 300ml
1 - Bioplants Conditioner 250ml