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Aromia Cosméticos Detox Therapy 1000ml Kit

Kit Aromia Detox Therapy 1000ml Kit Aromia Detox Therapy
Treatment kit for all kinds of hair in size hall. The Aromia Detox Therapy Kit is responsible for combating the resulting impurities of chemical processes and excessive use of cosmetic products. These impurities leave hair heavy and no brilliance, as well as hampering the absorption of treatments by capillary fiber.
The Aromia Detox Therapy Kit promotes the balance of the capillary pH and resets the essential lubricity of the hair, improving the combability and donating brightness and vitality to them. Here are some signs that your hair needs a detox!
Porous and broken wires shifting of heavy leather hair and without movement of oiling itching on the scalp.

Aromia Detox Therapy - Purifying Professional Shampoo 1000ml - promotes efficient cleaning without assaulting the wires, ensuring a refreshing sensation while strengthening capillary fiber.
Aromia Detox Therapy - 1000ml multifunctional professional mask - moisturizes the deeper layers of capillary fiber, protecting wires against dryness.
Vegan formulas, free of dyes and parabens.
How to use application card:
Apply the purifying shampoo over wet hair, gently massaging. Rinse up complete withdrawal from the product. If necessary, repeat the application.
After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the multifunction mask across the hair extension, gently massaging. Leave acting for 10 minutes. Rinse abundantly.
Action / result
Ginger - has antiseptic action, antioxidant, refreshing and anti-inflammatory, which are responsible for improving circulation of the scalp, in addition to favoring the hydration of the wires.
Mint - astringent action, anti-Seiseborreic, refreshing and antiseptic, which are responsible for balancing the capillary pH, as well as preventing the dumps and aid in the reduction of oiliness.
Blend of conditioners - restores the lubricity of the capillary fiber. It has high piercing with significant improvement of combability (dry and humid).
Karight butter - High power of hydration, in addition to providing softness, silky and gloss with hair.
Your deeply clean, healthy hair and with refreshing sensation.