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Aromia Cosméticos Capillary Schedule Kit (3 Products)


Kit Aromia Capillary Schedule (3 products) Kit with three masks for capillary schedule. Aromia Capillary chronogram moisturizes, nourishes and reconstructs the wires during the treatment routine. Kit Aromia Capillary Schedule is indicated for all kinds of hair, regardless of the texture or curvature of the same, when interlacing the treatments it is possible to meet the needs of the wires and completely restore capillary health. Contains: aromia hydration mask 300g: resets water and minerals, balancing electrostatic charges of capillary fiber, guaranteeing more softness and vitality! Aromia Nutrition Mask 300g: Remove nutrients and lipids lost in chemical processes or other damages, restoring the natural flexibility of the wires. Aromia 300g reconstruction mask: Removers the proteins and capillary mass, restoring the capillary structure of the ultra sensitized wires. Vegan formulas, free of dyes and parabens.