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Blondes Trivitt Moisturizing Violet Tinting Mask 1Kg - Itallian Hair Tech


Intensive Hydrating Tinting is an immediate treatment for blond hair that neutralizes the yellowish tone of the strands, brings back the platinum shine, leaves the touch soft and the color with prolonged protection.

It penetrates through the hair fiber and eliminates the yellowing caused by the oxidation of the pigment inside the threads, with the rescue of the desired gray-blond effect. In addition, its formula is rich in antioxidants, agents that protect the color of blond hair from fading and stains, and in conditioning actives, which provide the sensation of loose, soft and untangled hair.

How to Use:
Mix 1 measure of the product with 2 measure of Intensive Hydration Trivitt. Apply to clean, damp hair, lengthwise, gently massaging strand by strand. Leave to act until the desired color is reached and rinse thoroughly.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Moisturizing Tinting Mask 1Kg